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Taxi Sevice For Sasan

The most ideal option for people travelling to Sasan Gir with friends or family would be to hire a taxi from reliable players in the market as it is comfortable and safe. By booking a cab to Sasan Gir, you can be well assured of reaching your place in optimal time, within a budgeted cost and most important of all, stress free and relaxed journey. Savaari’s booking interface is user friendly and will let you complete your Sasan Gir cab booking with ease in just a couple of clicks. Booking a taxi to Sasan Gir will ensure a comfortable and safe journey for the entire group. And, all this will be done in the most reasonable cost and with full transparency. Through Savaari, you can do Sasan Gir taxi booking quickly with assurance of best deals and best in class services. We maintain all categories of taxis, be it sedan, MUV or hatchback. Along with this, a truly remarkable experience is assured as our drivers are experts and have polite and humble approach. By taking the services of Sasan Gir cabs, you will not only get world class services but also a wonderful trip along with your dear ones.


Devalia Safari Park

GIR INTERPRETATION ZONE - DEVALIA Devalia Safari also known as Gir Interpretation Zone - Devalia, is the establishment of particular eco-tourism zone to reduce overload of tourists from Gir Forest Visit and to provide whole wildlife of Gir at single place in safe habitats. This Interpretation Zone comprises of 412 ha chain link fenced area which is regarded as ‘Gir in a nutshell’ covering all habitat types and wildlife of Gir.

Gir Jungle Trail

Gir is one of India’s oldest sanctuaries, and is synonymous with the majestic Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica). The only place in India to see this animal, this park can take legitimate pride in saving an endangered species, which was at the threshold of extinction in the start of the twenty-first century, by providing it a more secured habitat.

Kamleshwar Dam

The Kamleshwar Dam, officially known as the Hiran-I Dam, is a rock-fill embankment dam on the Hiran River in Visavadar, Gujarat, India. The dam is located within the Gir Forest National Park and was completed in 1959 for irrigation purposes.


Sasan- Khokhra- Sirvan- Devadungar- Sirvan- Khokhra- Bavalwala Chowk- Kamleshwar- Kankai Check Post- Sasan 45 Km


Sasan- Bhanbhafol- Raydi- Dedakadi- Kerambha- Khada- Pilipat- Ratan Ghuna- Kankai Check Post- Sasan 42 Km


Sasan- Kankai Check Post- Kamleshwar- Bavalwala Chowk- Khokhra- Sirvan- Deva Dungar- Sasan 45 Km


Sasan- Bavalwala Chowk- Midholiwala- Kamleshwar- Bavalwala Chowk- Kankai Check Post-Ratan Ghuna- Kadeli- Raydi- Bhanbhafol Check Post- Sasan 40 Km


Sasan- Kankai Check Post- Ratan Ghuna- Pilipat- Khada- Kerambha- Pareviya- Raydi- Bhambhafol- Sasan 37 Km


Sasan- Kankai Check Post- Ratan Ghuna- Pilipat- Khada- Kerambha- Dedakadi- Raydi- Bhambhafol- Sasan 42 Km


Sasan- Bhambhafol Check Post- Raydi- Kadeli- RatanvGhuna- Kankai Check Post- Bavalwala Chowk- Kamleshwar- Mindholiwala- Bavalwala Chowk- Sasan 40 Km


Sasan- Kankai Check Post- Bavalwala Chowk- Kamleshwar- Bavalwala Chowk- Kankai Check Post- Sasan 22 Km